HI THERE! Sometimes our factories have lots of leftover yarn – piles and piles of glorious colors, just waiting to be used. Mixing colors into new patterns that can be set up quickly on the fabulous knitting machines is incredibly inspiring. They’re computer-driven these days, but based on old techniques. We sketched two cardigans with pen and paint on an ordinary piece of sketch paper, and then created irresistible color combinations with the yarn. Here’s the result!


P.S. Because we’ve used scrap yarn, each colorway is only available in limited quantities – so get ready, get set, shop!

Swedish design with a green soul

Explore our creative assortment of Scandinavian clothing and interior decor in beautiful, natural materials. These clothes are sure to bring a smile and ideal for wearing in layers. In addition to their unique design, these pieces are also functional, frequently organic and perfect for women of all ages. You will also find colorful interior decor that makes it a breeze to style your own, unique dream home.

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