Hi! It’s time to offer the very first selections from this fall’s many colorful collections. If you love color – bold statement colors – then this will be your paradise. We’ve chosen a few fabulous pieces from the fall collection in some of the most eye-catching colors. We added armfuls of big, beautiful flowers: sunflowers for yellow & red, shiny green leaves for blue/green and splendid allium, irises and wolf’s bane for ink and bright blue.

Welcome to late summer!


combination in layers!
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The take-2 price is valid through july 29

Swedish design with a green soul

Explore our creative assortment of Scandinavian clothing and interior decor in beautiful, natural materials. These clothes are sure to bring a smile and ideal for wearing in layers. In addition to their unique design, these pieces are also functional, frequently organic and perfect for women of all ages. You will also find colorful interior decor that makes it a breeze to style your own, unique dream home.

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