Packed with style

Every wardrobe needs a colorful and functional purse, backpack or fabric bag. A bag is a constant companion, taken along wherever you go. And a little extra space can make your day so much easier!

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When Gudrun designs purses, the focus is on function and design. A purse should be lightweight, with plenty of room and clever features. Preferably it should be made in natural materials, and in the best of all worlds: handcrafted. That way, the finished result is sure to be unique and sustainable. 

When it comes to style, pick a purse based on your unique needs. Maybe you’re looking for a tote with a wide shoulder strap and numerous compartments to carry on long days with a list full of to-dos. Or maybe you’re searching for a small purse with a slim shoulder strap for a weekend party or dinner.

Another option that’s gaining popularity is the practical phone bag. This little bag is just for your smartphone, and it’s a handy pick to accompany you on all your adventures. 

When it comes to backpacks, comfort is key. If you’re carrying a backpack with you all day, then comfort and style have to collaborate. And that also goes for the iconic tote bag, one of Gudrun’s signature styles. Wherever you go, you can take a tote bag. Why not pop in a change of clothes or carry it as your grocery bag? Gudrun’s tote bags are often made in organic cotton and decorated with classic and sumptuous patterns, like flowers, stripes or dots. Over the years we’ve made them in bold color combinations and understated black and white.