A colorful and functional purse, backpack or fabric bag belongs in every woman’s closet. Our purse is often our constant companion in life. A backpack joins us on all our journeys. And we always have a fabric bag on hand. Just imagine the ease a little practical space can bring to every woman’s life. When Gudrun makes purses, the focus is on design and function. A purse should be easy to carry and have room for everything, and it needs smart features and compartments. When Gudrun designs backpacks, convenience is key. You carry your backpack all day, so comfort and look must work together. Everyone needs a colorful backpack. Last but not least, we have the iconic fabric bag. It just doesn’t get any more Gudrun than this. You can take a fabric bag anywhere. Why not pack it with a change of clothes, or bring it as a spare bag when shopping?

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