A party dress in organic cotton, richly adorned with exquisite embroidery.
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Småland vest in organic cotton – a treasure
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“Blomstermåla” is a placename from the Swedish province of Småland, from where many inhabitants emigrated to America in the 1800s. In this programme, we pay tribute to a Swedish heartland with fine embroidery. 

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Understated overall embroidery in organic cotto

Swedish author 1898–1973
His most famous work is The Emigrants, series, which depicts the emigration of a group of people from Småland to Minnesota, in the mid-1800s, a destiny shared by 1.5 million other Swedes, including most of the author’s own relatives.
Moberg spent twelve years researching before he began writing his famous series.

MINNESOTA – North Midwest

Here, the promised land blooms in beautiful embroidered garments in red, unbleached and indigo blue. We took it upon ourselves to richly embroider this lovely organic cotton dress. The dress is called KRISTINA, like the young Swedish woman who emigrated to Minnesota with her family.



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