Multiple layers in various
shades of blue

Originally the blue often comes from INDIGO

Several hues in a red palette
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The simplest creations are the most challenging
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The beauty of SIMPLICITY
SIMPLY FASHION – in different shades of blue, cherry red or molten shades of gray

All in genuine NATURAL MATERIALS with a truly beautiful feel. These include linen and organic cotton, NATURAL SILK and a wool blend, of course. The colors are composed in a complementary palette. A few shades of blue, where DARK INDIGO BLUE is the most important.

The reds are dominated by a color we call grape, a dark shade of REDDISH PURPLE. And then, naturally, we have a number of GRAY and brownish shades along with pure black. You’ll find a rather bold green in the little dotted silk top. Not to mention how BEAUTIFUL the UNBLEACHED white is on the artist’s blouse in HAND-WOVEN khadi.