UNIQUM is the name of Gudrun’s product label for designs made with extra love and care. These unique products are exclusively designed by Gudrun herself – from the mind, via the heart, through the hand to her brush. We hope you’re looking forward to seeing the UNIQUMfamily grow, too. Keep your eyes open!

Woven “Ritu” dress in organic cotton
Woven “Ritu” dress in organic cotton

Our latest UNIQUM new arrival* is truly a hand-crafted gem! The pattern on the dress is block-printed by hand using an old handicraft tradition. This piece has a round neckline, pintucks in front, and slits and pockets at the sides. All in the same palette, such as indigo blue. And as always, it is exclusively created by Gudrun herself – from the first watercolor to the final delivery from our expert suppliers.
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“Mandvi” linen dress
“Mandvi” linen dress

Meet our latest UNIQUM new arrival*! The Mandvi dress is intricately detailed, with embroidery and yarn-dyed stripes in various sections. Gudrun wanted to make an elegant and versatile style that is fully buttoned, with three-quarter sleeves, concealed pockets in front and fabric-covered buttons. The dress is made in 100% linen, and the linen is dew-retted, a natural process in which the sun and dew handle the work without chemicals and with minimal water use. Like all of our UNIQUM-products, Mandvi is designed exclusively by Gudrun herself – from the first watercolor to the final delivery from our expert suppliers.
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“Calcutta” jacket in organic cotton
“Calcutta” jacket in organic cotton
“Calcutta” jacket in organic cotton

Calcutta jacket
Our newest UNIQUMpiece is an intricately patterned jacket with printed and hand-embroidered birds, flowers, graphic dots and chevrons. First, Gudrun handed off her large, pale yellow painting to Mandeep, our Indian friend and supplier for many years now. The painting was transformed into an exquisite jacket – a true gem for adding the finishing touch to your unique style. Made in organic cotton, it comes in two lovely colorways: quiet gray and sunny yellow. As always, this piece is exclusively designed by Gudrun herself, from brush to garment.
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Tie dye tunic & trouser Buij

When Gudrun designed the Buij blouse and pants, her goal was to create something that unites traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Both pieces are made in soft, lovely organic cotton with a tie-dye pattern. The fabric is hand-tied and dipped in a plant-based dye bath. The blue colorway is dyed using dry, powdered leaves of Indigofera tinctoria – a little bush that grows in a warm climate. The orange is made from summery marigold blossoms. Because different plants create different shades, you can achieve a variety of results depending on what you use. Plant dyes also open up possibilities for us to experiment with different combinations of plants in order to create new and exciting colors! 

In essence – Buij is an expertly crafted and sustainable style, all in one. Exactly as unique and exclusive as genuine UNIQUM pieces should be. 
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Shimla blouse

Hand-embroidered details adorn a gorgeous blend of organic cotton and linen. Choose between two different styles – the truly classic artist’s blouse, or a versatile and timeless dress.
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Sanganeer tunic
How about some extra width in a lovely tunic for mid-March? Made with lots of beautiful details, like printed patterns and exquisite hand embroidery.
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Lavish Rosamunda pattern
Indulge in a charming printed pattern with accents in gold and embroidered details. All in a unique dress designed by Gudrun.
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“This particular dress was created in my watercolor book, where I like to work on new ideas while I’m out traveling. Actually, quite a lot of our UNIQUM products were designed in my watercolor book. It’s so inspiring to make pieces like this, in which I get to be a little more experimental. There can be multiple patterns in one dress, and I love to use a several different fabrics. Organdy mixed with voile – appliqué designs and embroidery. Then, getting to personally bring those sketches to our suppliers and see swatches and the first sample after a few days – now that’s happiness!”





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