Our clothes are manufactured in different parts of the world, at factories we visit and inspect on a regular basis. This is where the spinning, warping, weaving, dyeing, printing, garment cutting, stitching and pressing happens. All of these stages in garment manufacturing are based on centuries of skill and know-how. That know-how is part of every garment we make today. I’ve always been fascinated by the dedication of people in the textile industry, and contact with these craftspeople and manufacturers has a way of firing up the inspiration and creativity. The respect for the raw material, the artisanal skill involved in operating a handloom in India, the choice of a time-honored vegetable dyeing and printing technique are examples of what keep the design team at Gudrun Sjödén passionate about textiles.

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Printing techniques

Prints of every kind soon became our hallmark. Original watercolor designs are rendered in computer files and then printed using various methods: flatbed screen printing, rotary printing, digital printing and even block printing. For block print designs, each garment is printed uniquely with its different details using hand-carved wooden blocks. The prints are then done free hand by highly skilled experts in their trade, where the designs are placed by eye. Those authentic irregularities in the motifs are all part of the charm.

Digital printing is a more environmentally friendly method, as no templates need to be made, no water is used, and only the precise amount of dye need be used. This method also means fewer restrictions in terms of colors and motifs, which suits us perfectly.

Manufacturing countries

Our products are made in India, China, Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy and occasionally Sweden.