Sustainable design – we think this is our most important contribution to a greener, more wonderful world! This has been Gudrun’s guiding principle over all these years. Our fundamental belief is that the first criterion for minimizing our environmental impact is to consume less. This is why we believe that a garment with good durability and timeless design that can be used until it wears out has the smallest impact on the environment. That’s how we ourselves want to live and act.

As a company, we have a great opportunity to make a difference. That’s why we have tried to be as careful with the environment as possible in our production and our internal environment. Organic jersey from Greece is one example: where the supplier replaced the machinery and the cotton grower converted the crops, which takes three years. Another example is our requirements for the use of chemicals. Chlorine-free paper in all printed materials, reduced use of plastics and packaging and choosing to ship our clothing shipments by sea and rail rather than by air or road are among our environmentally conscious choices

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Gudrun’s own eco-label

One of Gudrun’s guiding principles over the years has been a commitment to sustainable design and the inspiration of nature’s flora and fauna. She has also witnessed all the disregard for these values that has occurred in the textile industry. Environmental awareness has evolved over the decades, wandering in and out of fashion: from the 80s when it was tentative and barely feasible, through the 90s when we launched our first organic collection, to today when green choices are taken for granted. We believe that the small steps enable us to achieve the big results. We are therefore working hard to increase the percentage of environmentally sound products in our collections. In a forest of environmental labels, we felt that a simple coding system with leaves would be helpful both for us and for our customers.

Each garment for which we have made an extra environmental choice is marked with the following symbols:

Gudrun’s Good Fibres

These products are made entirely or partly from materials grown and developed from a sustainable perspective. We set transparency requirements and check certificates. The fibers and materials we classify as good environmental choices are organically grown, recycled materials, naturally retted flax and hemp, TENCEL™ Lyocell, TENCEL™ Modal, TENCEL™ Modal with microtechnology, EcoVero™ rayon, silk, alpaca, vegetable-tanned and dyed leather, as well as FSC® certified wood and rubber.

Gudrun’s Unique Handicrafts

Gudrun’s Unique Craftmanship

This product was made by skilled artisans according to long-held traditions. Each product has its own unique look and artistic value. By buying this product, you are helping to ensure that unique skills and craftsmanship continue to thrive and develop.

Gudrun’s Good Production

These products are manufactured entirely or largely at audited factories geared to the best possible production processes for the external environment and human health. We make strict requirements for all the influential processes in the manufacturing to be certified, in some cases all the way from fiber to the stitching factory. In some cases, the influential processes for dyeing and printing are certified. Products in materials that are not bleached or dyed.

Gudrun’s Good Deed

Since 2006, we have been working with a project we call Gudrun’s Good Deed. In the project, we give a portion of the proceeds from selected products to organizations or projects that are close to Gudrun’s heart.