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What would a wardrobe be without comfy essentials? They’re perfect for daily wear and always easy to combine with past favorites. The essentials collection is designed for anyone who wants to expand their wardrobe with simple lines, classic patterns and cheerful colors.

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So just what are essential pieces? For us, they include knit sweaters, wonderfully wearable jersey dresses, comfy pants and soft leggings. All made in high-quality natural materials that will last for years to come. These timeless styles are beloved by customers of all ages and body types! Essential garments have simple lines and come in solid colors and classic patterns like stripes, dots and flowers. They’re easy to wear and easy to pair – with our essentials, you can mix and match an outfit for any occasion.

How do you build a great essential wardrobe? When building an essential wardrobe, it’s always best to begin with favorite pieces that are already in your closet. Maybe you have a few dresses that you love to wear – and want to wear in different contexts? To make your dresses more versatile, try a pair of patterned or plain leggings, plus a cardigan, slip, and a lightweight long-sleeved top. Pick your leggings based on the occasion (casual or celebration), add a cardigan when the weather calls for something warmer, and if you like layering, then add a slip and top as fabulous details under the dress.

Another way to build your essential wardrobe is to start from three keywords: timelessness, quality and versatility. In other words, invest in high-quality pieces that never go out of style and that you can pair with anything. For example: a pair of black leggings, a cardigan in a solid color or classic pattern, a comfy dress, straight-leg pants and a light, breezy top in your favorite color. Once these options are in your closet, you can add more unique pieces. The essentials are the foundation, while your unique favorites add a pop of contrast for a finished look filled with personality, for both special and casual occasions!