Impeccable tunics

Round out your wardrobe with a tunic in your favorite color. Choose from beautiful natural materials like shimmering linen and soft organic cotton. Pair it with leggings, pants or a long swishy skirt – there’s a style for every occasion!

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Our tunics come in tons of different variations. Tunics with pockets, tunics with embroidery, tunics for the beach, patterned tunics, black tunics, tunics for the party and everyday tunics. No matter what you’re looking for – a tunic is always a good choice. Incredibly versatile, timeless, and works with any style.  

So what exactly is the difference between a tunic and a dress? For us, a tunic is slightly shorter and generally lands just above the knee or at mid-thigh. A dress, on the other hands, can be lots of different lengths, from short to maxi. Tunics are so versatile because you can pair them with most bottoms: leggings, tights, pants or skirts. A tunic with buttons can be varied even more, because you can wear it open or closed. If you wear it open, try pairing it with a pretty top and a pair of pants. If you wear it closed, you can pair it with leggings or tights.

Gudrun Sjödén’s tunics come in lots of different styles and fits, from slim to extra spacious. Maybe you’re looking for a plus-size tunic? Lots of our styles are extra wide and made in soft and supple materials. Good luck in your hunt for a tunic!